“My drawings are my diary. They reflect the way I feel at a given time. I have selected these drawings because they recall and reinforce those feelings. I also chose them for the way the lines and forms interact and because of the way they sit on the page. These particular drawings were done over about a six year period. For many years along with several artist friends I sketched from life one day a week. We either hired models or enlisted friends to pose.”
– Phyllis Sloane, Artist’s Statement, 1988; Excerpts

The quick precise lines of her life drawings capture the emotion of the person being drawn; when transferred, these feelings are preserved. We see in these prints humor, pathos, contentedness, restlessness. We see the ability to capture an emotion on a two-dimensional plane.
– Frank Croft, Frank Croft Fine Art, March,1988; Introduction to Excerpts

Over the years, Phyllis Sloane avidly participated in life-drawing groups in both Cleveland and Santa Fe. Increasingly [from 1995 through 2006] she [used] the sketches thus made as the basis for a series of prints of nude subjects. These usually begin as simple line etchings. Later, aquatint, drypoint, and/or roulette are added.
– Robert Bell, 2004; Phyllis Sloane: Retrospective Exhibition Catalog

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