Sloane moves continually between the methods of the painter and those of the printmaker. Her repertoire of limited-edition print techniques includes screen printing, lithography, and the relief methods of woodcuts, linoleum cuts, and her unusual cork cuts. Also, the artist… produced several series of mono prints using both the collagraph and transfer painting procedures. “I find that my work evolves from one method to the other”, she says, “because whatever bit I’m working on at the moment suggests the next piece I want to do. I’m always asking myself what might happen if I tried something different in the method I’m using. Quite often I’ll answer that question not by redoing the piece I’m working on, but by creating an entirely new one. In addition, one work may suggest a whole series of other images, such as still life that incorporate similar objects. In one series of watercolors I tried to take things like boxes and see how far I could push them. I wanted to make them into something more than they were in themselves.”

From “The Multiple Methods of Phyllis Sloane”, by Ruthe Thompson, American Artist magazine, February 1993.

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